A lot of disruption on display at Wednesday’s Benzinga Fintech awards. Increasingly, institutional-quality platforms available across Web and mobile at ultra-low price points, and new information diffusion networks and investing foodchains via social and crowd-sourcing.

  • Vestorly – a one-stop shop for an advisor to manage social media presence, content marketing, lead generation. Sort of a combination of Hootsuite and a website live news widget. From the same app, you can update all your social media accounts (Hootsuite type functionality), and update your website with a widget containing latest live news you want to share. It’s an interesting idea…although just using Hootsuite to update all your social media accounts, and then putting e.g. a Twitter widget on your website seems like a pretty good option.
  • NewsHedge – Web-based audio squawk that alerts you when strange things are afoot in markets.
  • Estimize – pushing to become the gold standard in consensus earnings estimates, economic forecasts, etc. (just announced their B funding round)
  • Market Prophit – Sentiment analysis for social media mentions of stocks. Now, I got to be honest, I have no idea if it actually predicts market performance. But somebody has to try it.
  • A bunch of ultra-low-cost investing platforms – Motif, Betterment
  • Platforms to let investors use sophisticated institutional strategies – Quantopian, Crowdfunding like Circleup, although honestly Angellist seems like the axe.
  • Etna – So, I trade with Interactive Brokers, and they provide TWS, the trader workstation app written in Java that gives real-time data, charts, trading, portfolio analytics, etc. Etna offers a platform with similar functionality that online brokers can provide their clients. Except it’s written in HTML5 and Javascript, it’s just an interactive website. And it looks pretty amazing. If it works as well as it looks, that’s the way of the future. No more downloading Java updates and TWS updates.
  • If you use technical charts and real-time charts, ChartIQ is worth a look. I did the free trial a while back and it’s pretty powerful. But I gotta admit, I’m pretty old school, so I went back to StockCharts.com. I have it set up as a Chrome search engine, so I type “chart NFLX” and I get a chart with all my custom options. I don’t really need real-time updating charts or anything too complicated, I just want a simple chart exactly the way I want it.

ReformedBroker – The mayor of the financial twittersphere brought down the house.
Linette Lopez
Greg Neufeld Twitter
Will Ortel from CFA Institute
Elliot Spitzer – who wasn’t seen asking all the startups how their technology could be applied to meeting women, but is actually an investor and board member of some fintech startups.

I definitely missed some folks and some great companies.

We get a little jaded but there really is an amazing amount of disruption going on right now. And a lot of inspiring and awesome people making it happen. Big thanks to Jason Raznick and Kyle Bazzy of Benzinga for putting it all together.