‘Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.’ – George Orwell

When Trump tries to brand the swirling swampy maelstrom around him as ‘Spygate’, it gives the game away. If you get busted by the cops with Russian entanglements in your campaign, one way to go is to claim ignorance and that it was somehow a misunderstanding or above board.

But if you’re saying the counterintelligence guys, the media, the people don’t even have the right to ask questions about Russian operatives, you doth protest too much. The clear implication is that the answers to those questions are really really bad. It’s like a perp saying “I was framed!”

Tell it to the judge.

What would you say FBI counterintelligence does? They look into efforts by Russian operatives to gather information and create mayhem in the US. So, here are some Russia/Trump contacts:

  • Papadopoulos (pled guilty): told Australian High Commissioner (ambassador) in the UK that Russians had Hillary’s emails and were going to share them to help Trump. And when that actually happened, Aussies said, hmmh, that’s interesting, briefed the FBI, and the investigation started. (Also numerous other Papadopoulos contacts with Russian agents, Mifsud, a ‘relative’ of Putin’s, etc.)
  • Manafort (indicted): in deep with Oleg Deripaska and Ukrainians, laundered money like it was going out of style.
  • Cohen (about to be indicted unless he’s singing like a canary): Emailing with Putin’s office about building Trump Tower Moscow (when he’s not paying off ‘a hundred’ Trump affairs and probably abortions, and taking massive bribes from likes of Novartis, UAE, KSA, and a sketchy Russian oligarch, and using the funds to benefit Trump via the hush-money slush fund.)
  • Sessions: many Kislyak meetings, which he lied about to Congress
  • Donald Trump Jr.: Veselnitskaya meeting about ‘adoptions’ a/k/a lifting sanctions in return for campaign assistance. Meeting with Russian NRA money-funneler. Claim that Russians are funding Trump’s properties. Numerous contacts with Wikileaks
  • Roger Stone: numerous contacts with Wikileaks, made specific requests and predictions about what they would release when
  • Carter Page: ’nuff said
  • Kushner: Kislyak meetings, secret meeting with VEB bank right after election to establish ‘back channel’ to Putin
  • Flynn (pled guilty) negotiations regarding Obama’s sanctions, i.e. undermining US foreign policy before Trump took office
  • Erik Prince in secret negotiations in Seychelles

Are you really saying the FBI isn’t supposed to look into this and get informants to discretely ask questions? If not, what would you say they are supposed to do around here? Not ask any questions that are embarrassing to the President because he is above the law?

How Russians meddled is a question of overriding national importance. If you can’t answer reasonable questions about it from the FBI, Mueller, the press, and the American people, you clearly cannot operate effectively as President (as evidence has repeatedly shown).

Between the giant Cohen bribes, the likelihood of Cohen either flipping, or his files incriminating Trump, and Trump directly asking Sessions to oversee the Russian inquiry after he recused himself, which is prima facie obstruction, the wheels have fallen off. We know how this is going to end. It blows my mind that Trump thinks that just repeating ‘Spygate’ will obscure that, or that ~40% of Americans approve of this half-wit wannabe mobster shitshow.

Weaponizing reporters’ superhuman good faith and desire to appear fair, in order to make relentless lying and manufactured insane bullshit appear credible, and exploiting supporters’ unwarranted and unreciprocated loyalty to destroy truth and institutions, is not going to save you from truth and judgment.