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Why I am not a true gold bug, and the gold standard isn’t coming back

Let me say at the outset that I am bullish on gold in the long run. US demographics, politics, debt levels, harder-to-extract energy, peaking of globalization’s labor supply shock: all these point to inflation in the long run. And central bankers have not exactly covered themselves in glory lately. That being said, going back on […]

Tech Trends

A few technology megatrends:

China Banks: Red capitalism, Potemkin finance

China’s remarkable growth continues – China has apparently now passed the US in industrial production, with the world GDP title in its sights (see previous post). So how incredibly fortunate it is that the USA retains its commanding lead in the services sector! Clearly, future opportunities will abound in such sectors as retail and food […]

China’s economy: future world domination, or paper tiger?

China’s surge from basket case to the world’s factory is simply breathtaking. But the powerful rise has outpaced institutions that Westerners see as prerequisites to capitalism. Pudong photos over 20 years.

Why did the Soviet Union collapse?

A few years old, but new to me: an interesting perspective from Yegor Gaidar, reformist economist of the post-Gorbachev era. • Collectivisation and urbanization left the Soviet Union with a grain shortfall. Rather than reform the agricultural sector, they paid for food with oil exports. • In the 1985, the Saudis decided they would no […]

China: society and politics, and what next?

In the post-war period period (possibly throughout the dynasties), truth has been relative in China, while power has been absolute.

China: A history cheat sheet

Fellow travelers: Zhou, Mao and 2 revolutionaries I never heard of in Shaanxi, 1937 I spent most of March in Asia and trying to figure out China. To understand the present, you have to understand the past, so I turned to The Search For Modern China, by Jonathan Spence of Yale, which seems to be […]

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